College Travel Assistance

We understand, this is your first time in Australia and travelling locally on your own could be little difficult. Local Buddie will assist all students on how to reach college from Local Buddie Home, Local Transport details etc.

Local Buddie will provide you with travel assistance to your college and Travel assistance is only available for one inward and one outward journey to and from college at the beginning and end of the day. This may not be according to the start and finish of the timetable day.

Post Provision of Travel Assistance on Day 1, Most students will be able to reasonably access their college independently and will not need any support with those arrangements later. However, if Travel Assistance is further required by any student, Local Buddie will be more than happy to help each and every student.

Students will be using pre-loaded travel cards issued by Local Buddie to pay local transport fares. Travel Cards are sufficiently pre-loaded by analyzing the local transport fare of inward and outward journey to and from college for the package duration.

Fare for any other mode of transportation (apart from the transportation where travel cards are valid) shall be borne by student only.

For more information – Please speak to your assigned Local Buddie Manager or chat with us from 10 am to 6 pm (IST) or write us at



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