Emergency Financial Support

Financial assistance for unexpected emergencies is available through Local Buddie.         

If you are facing an unexpected emergency, you can let your Local Buddie manager know about your emergency financial support.

You can get help when:

-       a situation is caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control, and

-       it presents a severe health risk, and

This emergency financial support can cover costs for food, clothing, medical condition, transportation and any other situation approved by Local Buddie.

Emergency financial support shall be provided only after the approval and written request by the parent of the student. Parent needs to repay the amount within 5 days from the time financial support is provided to the student.

We support students on a human ground and does not levy any interest or other charges on such extended financial support.

Whenever a student is in an emergency situation and need financial support, he/she shall need to get in touch with his/her Local Buddie Manager. The formal process shall be informed to the student and parent when the request is made by the student for emergency financial support.

For more information – Please speak to your assigned Local Buddie Manager or chat with us from 10 am to 6 pm (IST) or write us at support@localbuddie.com



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