Emergency Medical Assistance

All Students must have medical insurance while staying with Local Buddie. It is best for the student to have a print-out of their medical insurance policy and handover the copy of the same to the assigned LOCAL BUDDIE MANAGER as soon as they arrive at Local Buddie Home.

In the event of medical emergency , Students are advised to contact the LOCAL BUDDIE MANAGER assigned to them or call ambulance service immediately. All medical emergency numbers are available at Local buddie Home .If Local Buddie Manager is present in the Local buddie Home during medical Emergency ,  student will be taken to the nearby clinic, or, if necessary, an ambulance will be called. If ambulance is not available or taking time to reach Local Buddie home , Local Buddie will pay the cost of taxi for transportation. 

Students are often accompanied by Local Buddie manager or other Local Buddie staff, and updates are generally provided to the Local Buddie so that we can inform it to the parents.  All required follow-up will be communicated to the parents every day.

If the condition of the student becomes critical (as advised by the doctors), parents are expected to join student as soon as possible. Payment for medical services (including transportation) is solely the student’s responsibility.

For more information – Please speak to your assigned Local Buddie Manager or chat with us from 10 am to 6 pm (IST) or write us at support@localbuddie.com



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