Local Buddie will get you an expert advice on all your driving license needs during your stay with Local buddie.

Driving is definitely important for every international student who arrive in Australia as driving can make getting around a lot easier and it makes life more comfortable if you live in an area where public transport might not be so frequent.

International students are regarded as temporary residents, which means that you are able to drive in Australia using your licence from your home country as long as it is current and valid. If your licence is not written in English, you must also carry a certified translation in English or apply for an International Driving Permit from your home country. If you don’t have an overseas licence and want to apply for a licence in Australia, you will need to apply through your state or territory motor registry.

It’s important to be aware that driving rules in Australia vary between states and territories, so make sure you learn the rules that apply to where you’re planning on driving.

Who Needs a Driver’s License in Australia?

Anyone driving a vehicle in Australia must have a valid driver’s license. This includes international students and any other temporary resident.

Australia takes its road laws very seriously, to ensure the safety of all who drive and commute in a vehicle.

Therefore, the punishments for not having a valid driver’s license are harsh, but more on that later.

Can I drive with my overseas license?

You can drive in Australia on your overseas license. However, different states have different laws around this. For example, if you are residing in Victoria as an international student, you’ll need to convert your overseas license into a Victorian license within 6 months of arriving in that state. Furthermore, you’ll need to have a translation of your international driver’s license with you at all times when driving, if it isn’t in English.

How do I apply for an Australian driver’s license?

Get in touch with your Local Buddie Manager to assist you with driving license process. Local Buddie does not charge any fess for this. However, driving license application fees and/or any consultation charges by the third party and /or any fees associated with the driving license and its process shall be borne by the student only.

If in case you are looking to apply Australian driver’s license on your own then, you’ll need to get in contact with the relevant state body for driving and licensing. Local

This can be done either online, in person or by phone call. Once you’ve booked in an appointment to complete the test, you’ll have to be there in person.

Applicants for an Australian issued driver's licence are required to undertake a theory test and a practical driving test. If applicants pass both the theory and practical tests, they will be granted driver license.

The relevant driving and licensing body in each state is as follows, Select your state or territory for further information.


Australian Capital Territory — Road Transport Authority

New South Wales — Roads and Maritime Services

Northern Territory — Department of Transport

Queensland — Department of Transport and Main Roads

South Australia — Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Tasmania — Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

Victoria — VicRoads

Western Australia — Department of Transport


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