Sim Card & Unlimited Wi-Fi

Local Buddie provides you with Australian SIM card on your arrival at the airport with a one-time maximum value of $35 (approximately 2000 minutes of Zone-1 & Zone-2 Calling - India falls under Zone 1) as part of the Local Buddie package, without any additional charge. This Sim card also gives you the freedom to recharge when you need it, without being locked into a contract. The provided plan in the SIM can be used within 30 days after activation. After 30 days you have the option to recharge, choose a different package or if you don’t need your SIM card any more, you simply don’t have to pay for the next month.

This SIM card gives you the huge benefit of knowing your new Australian phone number even before you leave for Australia. This gives you the opportunity to tell your phone number to your friends and family in advance, or even include it in your CV if you want to apply for jobs before arriving to Australia. Having an Australian SIM card right after you land in Australia gives you the convenience to remain connected with the world and you can start enjoying your stay in Australia without  any further delay.

Local Buddie  provides free, secure, Hi Speed and unlimited Internet access for every Student in our Local Buddie accommodations, as part of the accommodation package, without any additional charge. However any cost of WIFI usage outside the Local buddie Accommodation shall be borne by Student only.

This service/ feature is the part of the package and no additional fees are charged by Local Buddie for this service. Cost of any additional usage of SIM & WIFI shall be borne by the student only.

For more information – Please speak to your assigned Local Buddie Manager or chat with us from 10 am to 6 pm (IST) or write us at



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